Roy Mustang: Hated Guardian
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Roy, Ed, and Al make one strange family...


This is a community for fans of a non-romantic relationship between Roy and Ed (and Al). More specifically, Roy as the guardian/parental figure of Ed and Al. mabis figured she couldn't be the only one who finds this relationship interesting, and thus this community was formed.

So, feel free to join if you're a fan of parental!Roy, or else just a fan of all three in a non-romantic relationship.

As for rules:
This is not a pairing community. There's other communities for that, this one is focused on the platonic relationship between Roy and Ed (and Al). It doesn't have to be parental, it could be brotherly, friendship, rivals, longtime annoyer/annoyee, and even hate. Platonic can be just as much fun and interesting as smut. Really!

Other than that, use common courtesy and common sense when posting, stay on topic, no flames, and have fun.

*Mod note: The mod feels it is necessary to make public her extreme preference for anime!Roy, because OMG manga sucks! she can't stand manga!Roy. Feel free to completely disagree with her.
*Other Mod note: Also feel free to completely disregard the movie. As the mod says, "Movie? What movie?" :D